Payroll services built for growing teams

Take care of your team with accurate, on-time payment processing. From employee onboard to exit, and everything in-between, we make payroll effortless.
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Leave painful payroll in the past

Few things matter more to employee moral than payroll consistency. Say goodbye to the tiresome organization, processing, and compliance measures that you're used to, and hello to the automated payment future of your growing team.

Quality compliance

Expert compliance officers will ensure that no box goes unchecked and that you're prepared for everything, including year-end tax filings and more.

Reporting for duty

If payroll is anything, it's time consuming. We'll automate the forms and reports your team needs, from annual T4 statements to records of employment and beyond.

Stress-free payday

Turn payday into yay-day with automated direct deposit payroll processing and stubs. If the road ever gets bumpy, our support team will be there to smooth it out.

Government filings

Work-safe filing, WSIB health filing, and Canadian emergency wage subsidy support are just a few of the items we'll be around to manage.

Payment schedule

Bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay runs

We deliver accurate, timely payroll processing exactly when you need it, so that your busy team can spend their time making an impact. Company pay runs will be as easy as reviewing, approving, and repeating.

Team communication

Effortless team management

Your growing team is great, but the growing pains are not. Employee onboards, departures, and terminations are all made effortless with ParallelCFO. Covering everything from new employee setup to exiting team member final payments, we'll take care of the heavy lifting.

Form review

T4 delivery and tax filings

Leave stressful, error-ridden filing in the past. We'll manage everything you need, from year-end employee T4 preparation and delivery to employer health tax and work safe premiums. If custom forms are required, know that we've got them covered.

Compliance checklist

Compliance you can count on

Your business is complex, and from government agencies to union labour agreements, avoiding penalties can be tough. We'll take every precaution necessary to ensure that you remain requirement compliant each step of the way.

What employee tax forms are covered?

With ParallelCFO monthly billing, you'll receive T4 and ROE preparation + delivery. If additional tax slips are required, including T4A's, let us know and we'll make sure you have them.

Can you help manage wage subsidy?

Totally. Our payroll experts know the CRA guidelines like the back of their hand and are able to help with tracking CEWS benefits and calculations.

How many employees do I need to use your service?

For independent use, it's recommended to have at least 5 paid employees. If you're adding payroll services to other ParallelCFO services (such as bookkeeping), there's no minimum required.

Will your services work if our employees are in different provinces?

Absolutely. Whether your team is in one building or spread across the country, we'll happily take care of their payments and tax deductions in accordance with the provincial/territorial requirements of their location.

Can you support our current payroll system?

Our goal is to ensure that you've got a system in place that suits your needs. We'll explore all options, including your current system, and make recommendations based on what our team of experts thinks is the best fit for your business moving forward. If there is a system shift required, we'll handle the migration.

Build your financial foundation with ParallelCFO

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