A financial stack designed for growing startups

No one knows startup struggles better than a startup. Executing your strategy, developing your company, fending off competition - you've got better things to do than manage finances. We're here to help.
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Focusing on the drivers that grow your business

Your startup has a lot of moving pieces, and decisions made on-the-fly can have massive implications. Whether you're bootstrapped, looking for investment, or planning an exit, we've got the systems and support you need to grow with confidence.

Startup expertise

The startup life comes with a lot of pressure to perform, that's why we've developed a team and tech stack that take finances off your plate. Our bookkeeping, payroll, and CFO advisory services are designed for growth, and you can expect a dedicated partner from day one.

Startup workspace

Reliable visibility

We work with industry leading tools, like Quickbooks, Stripe, and Plooto, to ensure that you've got the data and insights needed to grow your business. Expect accurate financials that include important pieces like revenue recognition and expense monitoring, as well as detailed cash flow visibility, so that you can plan clearly.

Reviewing analyticsFinancial growth

Funding secured

Whether you're looking for loans, grants, or investors, we'll work with you to maximize the amount sourced. Money is the oxygen of any growing startup, and from well-managed books to reports and statements, your team and investors will always know the numbers that matter.

Why startups love ParallelCFO

From day one, we've focused on supporting startups through accelerated growth.
Automated systems


A deep understanding of the startup space has allowed us to build tailored toolkits. Automated reporting, insights, syncs, and processes are just a part of what you can expect.

Team workspace

Journey partner

Your startup journey will be long and winding. We're dedicated to it's success from day one, helping to solve your evolving needs and ensuring that you've got the skills mix needed for growth.

Performance tracking

Powerful insights

Detailed reports and insights are important for tracking the health of your business. We'll make sure you've got every last bit of information, on-time and easy-to-consume.

How does pricing work?

ParallelCFO services are based on a subscription model with transparent pricing that scales with you. For more details on specific services, you can check out our pricing page.

What are the requirements to start with ParallelCFO?

With bookkeeping, payroll, and CFO advisory services, companies of any size will find value in working with us. Get in touch and we can discuss the potential!

Is support included? Can I ask questions?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading support to all customers, regardless of their service type. Your dedicated financial expert will always be around to answer your questions, and a 1-2 day maximum resolution period is what we aim for.

Does it make sense for us to start with just on service?

Certainly. We offer a variety of services to address the needs of businesses as they grow, but that certainly doesn't mean that you must require all three in order to get started. Whether you're currently dealing with bookkeeping, payroll, or CFO related pains, we're here to help.

Build your financial foundation with ParallelCFO

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